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The videos below should be watched in conjunction with the user guides provided by Medlicott Design which are more detailed, but will probably make more sense after viewing the videos.

This page is for the Church Road website ( staff/partners who administer the website. It is not for public view, but has some handy videos that can be used to quickly show how to edit/change/update various pages or stories on the website.

You will notice the majority of pages use the Divi page builder to more easily create a different layout, rather than the standard WordPress system e.g. where columns are needed or special design elements. The homepage uses Divi Builder to create the layout. Below there are also some fundamental guides to how the Divi Page Builder works.

There is also a guide to the Woocommerce shop which goes through how to add, edit and remove products. Please check you are confidant to make changes to prices, etc in the shop are else contact Medlicott Design before making any changes to the shop area, as this section is a live shop and as such changes can affect sales.

** Note to Dawn:

When editing any existing pages, I suggest opening a copy of the same page in a separate tab as it looks to the public to make it easier to see which section you are dealing with.

Some of the videos are older and may not exactly replicate the look of the admin areas, but still explain the fundamentals.

Most sections and modules should be named for the various sections on each page.

You will generally click on the menu icon in each module to edit it. Once you have created a section and want to replicate the layout, you can click either the module clone tool to replicate the settings (then just change the text). You can also replicate rows, and whole sections. There are also numerous layouts already stored in the Divi Library including designs by Divi as well as layouts I have used already which can be imported.

Also these days there is a visual builder which may suit you rather than the way I do it via the back end. You can always create a test or demo page and have a play, as long as you don’t add it to the main menu, or just save as a draft so that Google doesn’t add it to their search database.

As always if there are any questions contact Mark @ Medlicott Design

WordPress Video Guides

Pages v Posts

The basic principles behind how WordPress works and what pages & posts do.

Creating & Editing Posts or Pages

Adding / Editing Images

Widgets – What they are and how they work

The Dashboard

A basic look at the Dashboard Admin Section where all updates begin

Adding Links

How to use the Media Library

What are Tags?

Divi Builder Guide

The Divi Builder has been used on your website to create the various different looks, layouts, columns, insertion of elements, etc. Watch these videos to help get a understanding of how it all works. Half an hour watching these will save you hours of work in the long term 🙂

How to use the Divi Page Builder

Divi Advanced Design Settings & Custom CSS

Divi Visual Builder

Shopping Cart Guides – How to use the Woocommerce system installed on your website

This video covers the various functions of the shopping cart installed on your website. As this video is about an hour long it is suggested that you use the timestamps listed below to jump to a particular section you need to know more about.

The Simple video guide above showing you how to how to add products to your shop using the Woocommerce system has the basic fundamentals for adding products to your shop.

If you are relatively comfortable with using WordPress then this video will point you further along the right direction, but for more in depth detail view the main Woocommerce video.

This is a demo shop in the video that was used as display only, hence the strange product setting. I suggest setting your products to the “Simple Product” setting if it only comes in one size and price. If you have more than one size, colour or price options then you need to use the ‘variable product’ option.

Processing Orders

For a text guide of what this all means

click here

Creating Products:
Simple product: 00:02:47
Variable Product: 00:13:05
Grouped Product: 00:23:53
Affiliate Product: 00:29:25
Virtual Products: 00:32:30
Downloadable Products: 00:34:20

What is a cross sell and up sell?
Cross-sells and up-sells: 00:06:34
WooCommerce Settings: 00:40:25
Extra WooCommerce Product Extensions: 00:37:57
Woocommerce Taxes: 00:58:36
Woocommerce Shipping: 1:12:05
Woocommerce coupons and other settings: 1:23:50

Advanced Tips

Jetpack Site Stats

visitors, keywords, top stories, etc.

More videos

If you wish to delve more into how specific things work more generic videos like those above can be seen here WordPress Video Guides

For website specific anomolies or problems contact Medlicott Design direct.

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